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Android Application Development for beginners (step by step guide) ✓

Android Application Development tutorials for beginner students (step by step)

In this article, you will learn about how to develop an android application from very scratch. Android Application tutorials are for those students who have no prior any programming languages. This article includes the following contents:

  1. What is Android?
  2. What is Android App Development?
  3. Why do you need to develop an own android application?
  4. Why this tutorial series?
  5. The contents of this course

Before getting started, it’s a simple request to complete the tutorial series for the better understanding of the android app development. After this tutorial, I am hopeful that you will be able to develop own android applications and will also be able to publish in the play stores (Google play, Amazon store and Samsung apps etc) and earn money through your own applications. You will also be able to develop apps for others and earn money through freelancing in different platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, People-Per-Hour and Up-work etc. If you are ready to Learn android development, so let’s go:

What is Android?

We are often hearing the word android but actually, we don’t know what is android? In this article, you will exactly learn the meaning f the Android. Android is Linux based mobile operating system. So here a question comes to your mind that what is the operating system. It’s jut like windows in Laptop and PC and Mac operating system in Mac book. Android is basically developed by Google for android phones and tablets and later on it is extended to TVs and Autos.

What is Android App Development?

As its name indicates that it’s all about to develop the application for android phone. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to develop own android application step by step.  Android Application is usually developed in Android Studio (click on the link, if you have don’t know about it) and JAVA Eclipse (click on the link, if you have don’t know about it). It requires basic programming knowledge and background but if you are new to programming then don’t worry, I will teach you from the very beginning.

Why do you need to develop an own android application?

Everyone wants to develop their own application of their needs or to show people and friends that I have developed my own application in android and now people can use it worldwide. Here are some reasons below that people develop own applications:

  • To publish their own apps on the play store and earn money (people are earning millions of dollars from android applications).
  • To develop apps for the clients and earn money through freelancing or working in the field like software house or company etc.
  • To develop android apps for their own needs.
  • To develop an Android app for College/University Final Year Project (or) for research purpose.
  • To develop applications for social work or help others.

Why this tutorial series?

Following are the reasons, that explains why this tutorial series is suitable and best for you.

  • If you are completely beginner and having no programming knowledge then our instructors will help you to first give you the basic idea of computer programming and then move you to the android side.
  • If you are experienced programmer and also having knowledge in android, but if you face some problems then our instructors will help you solve your problems in best and efficient possible way.
  • This tutorial series covers android development from basic to advance level.
  • We have top and experienced android developers team and writers.
  • This tutorial will be presented in simple English and in the best possible way that will also help guys that have other native languages than English to understand it easily.
  • Android application development tutorial is basically for those students who have no prior knowledge of any computer programming languages.
  • We will present all the concepts graphically and we will try to develop video tutorials also (if needed).

The contents of this course

Our instructors will teach you the following topics in android and will try to cover more as possible. We will also to develop more tutorials on our audience demand. The course contents of android application developement tutorials for beginners are as below:

  • Introduction to Android Studio
  • How to install Android Studio
  • How to Setup environment for Android Development
  • How to create a New Project in android
  • What are Activities, Layouts, and views.
  • Linear and Relative Layouts and how to adjust your app with every mobile phone
  • User Interface and event Handling
  • Text and button Controls
  • Project # 1 in Android Studio
  • How to create BMI calculator project in android
  • How to find table for any number in android project
  • Use of Toast and Intents
  • Dialogs (Custom and Alert Dialogs) in android
  • Working with Menus in android
  • Working With SQLite Database in android
  • Android Notifications
  • How to control mobile hardware using android programming
  • How to send SMS and Email from your app in android
  • SMS bomber application project
  • Images animations in android
  • How to pay MP3 files in android app
  • Web view in android
  • Time and Date Picker
  • Radio buttons and checkboxes
  • How to connect Android with PHP-MySQL
  • How to create Login form using Web services
  • How to convert any blog/website to the android application
  • How to run youtube video in android app
  • Working with Google Maps
  • How to integrate facebook in android
  • Any many more on your demand………


In this tutorial, you have learned about what is android, what is android app development, why do need to develop the android app and final what course contents our instructors will teach you in this tutorial series. I hope you have enjoyed learning the article and learned new things.  Thanks for reading the article and visiting our blog.

Questions/Tasks of the Day

It is requested that kindly answer to “Questions of the Day” in below “Comment Box” in order to our instructors judge your knowledge and right you (in case, you are wrong or don’t understand the article properly).

Android application development tutorials for beginners


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